Clarity (Pineapple, Sage, Lavender) 6oz Candle

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Illuminate the path to stronger connections with our Clarity Candle. Designed to embody the essence of tranquility, this handcrafted masterpiece serves as a gentle reminder of the significance of clarity in relationships.

Envision a tropical oasis, where the intertwining scents of herbs, pineapples, lavender, and woods transport you to a serene haven. Just as clarity brings harmony and understanding, the aromatic notes of fresh-cut pineapple, green leaves, anise, and palm blend seamlessly, creating a symphony of scents that fosters openness and communication.

Delve deeper into the complexity of relationships as sage, rosemary, and chamomile enhance the grounding qualities of lavender. This harmonious combination promotes introspection and self-reflection, allowing for better understanding and empathy.

Embracing the importance of clarity, our Clarity Candle incorporates the soothing essences of sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils. These warm and inviting notes symbolize the strength and stability that clarity brings to relationships.


6 oz. Tin Candle:
◆ Natural Soy Wax
◆ High Quality Fragrance Oils
◆ Matte Black Tin
◆ Lead-Free Cotton Wick
◆ 6 oz. Net Weight
◆ 30+ Hour Burn Time*

Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and smaller living spaces. 

Free of cancer-causing agents, poisons that affect reproduction, and any other substances that could be harmful. Because black is lit, this product gives you peace as a black person, tranquility, and helps you practice a high level of self-care.

All of our fragrances are phthalate-free.

At our studio in Orlando, FL, every item is crafted by hand with care. As a result, slight variations in appearance may occur, such as minor discoloration of the wax, off-center labels, or slight markings on the jar exterior. Rest assured, these slight imperfections do not affect the quality of the candle. Please note that some fragrances may also cause the inside of candle tins to develop a natural rusting effect, a normal process in candle making.

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