The 4Real Fam Podcast: Get Real, Every Friday - Presented by The Black Express Co. 

We're Farlan & Tiffanie, a real-life couple juggling family life, marriage, and the adventures of entrepreneurship. On this podcast, we're bringing you the unfiltered truth about what it's REALLY like, with a healthy dose of humor and tons of relatability.

The Black Express Co. Aspire to build a stronger community, particularly within the black community, by promoting healthy connections with children, spouses, friends, and colleagues. We believe that healthy relationships are at the core of self-care.

What to Expect:

  • Honest Conversations: We tell it like it is, from the joys of family life to the struggles of running a business.
  • A Range of Topics: We'll delve into everything from parenting and relationships to navigating the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.
  • Laughter & Inspiration: We believe laughter is the best medicine, and we'll share stories that will have you laughing out loud while also offering inspiration for your own journey.
  • New Episodes Every Friday: Starting May 31st, tune in every Friday for a fresh dose of real talk.

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