Our interactive candle making event is designed to deliver a one of a kind experience, where individuals can mix, pour, and curate their very own custom candle. This experience is perfect for birthday celebrations, employee appreciation, baby showers, or family reunions!

Our candle making experience will go something like this:

Choose Your Fragrance

Explore our scent bar displaying an array of fragrances. Don't worry about if they go well together or not, our Scent Specialist will help you narrow your choices down.

Prepare Your Vessel

Set your wicks inside your vessel and get ready to mix and blend your scents together. This is the fun part, where you get to let your creative side shine. You get to control the scent ratios and curate a custom fragrance that is tailored to you! 

Pour It

During this step you will pour your heated wax blend into your vessel. Your custom candle creation will take about 1 hour to cool and set. 

And there your have it! You've just created and poured your very own candle and earned a "new" title as a Chandler. (Chandler is just a very fancy name for us candle makers.)

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in hosting a candle making event